PATS Partnerships

PATS is a developmental and confidential process in which two or more colleagues within a faculty collaborate to improve the quality of, or reinvigorate, a unit. Partners work together setting goals for the semester. Using a collegial approach, strengthened through a series of centrally delivered workshops and informal discussions over coffee, the partners develop an action plan to achieve the identified goals. Informal student feedback and peer observations are used during the semester as tools to enhance unit quality.

There are four modes of operation for partnerships:

  1. Mentor-mentee partnership— partnership focuses on the mentee’s unit
  2. Reciprocal partnership— partnership works together providing support and mentorship to each other in reinvigorating their individual units
  3. Mentor-mentee group partnerships— a group of mentees works with one mentor
  4. Reciprocal group partnerships— a small group works together as peer mentors

Supporting PATS are selected professional academic development workshops delivered at the participants’ own university. Participants should take the time to find out what is offered either at faculty level or centrally.