Designing a Variation

Core elements of PATS

Our suggestion is that the core elements required for a contemporary PATS design include:

  • Planning (project activities, milestones, deliverables)
  • Peer Engagement
  • Goal Setting (SMART – includes timeframe, measured output)
  • Professional development
  • Reporting (plans and outcomes)

Developing a PATS design


  • Specific issues or opportunities that the PATS variation is addressing
  • Stakeholders (students, teaching staff, administrative staff)
  • Audience (University, Faculty, Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching)
  • Scale of influence – related to scope (individual, teaching team, Learning and Teaching community)

If the Purpose includes Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, then an additional activity of developing an evaluation-research design supported by ethics approval is necessary.

Checklist Questions to help formulate a PATS variation 

There are ten key components to consider in PATS:

downloadable checklist template is available to help formulate your PATS variation